Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drama Post # 8

Two weeks later:

2 weeks of innocent flirting, meeting in Starbucks, walking around in university, sitting together in the back in classes, sending texts whenever they weren't together, Naylah was content.
Yousif was super sweet. He turned out to be funny, open-minded, friendly, and very smart. Smarter than he looks. He was romantic too. A bit on the corny side, but she didn't mind.
He sent her a poem, which surprised her. She didn't know that he writes poetry!!

"Heaven is hazel,maybe a light green.
Once your in, your thoughts cease..
and become amazed by its color.
Once you've seen it.
Your life becomes obsessed by it
every single color you see
compares nothing to that heavenly beauty
earthly colors don't make sense anymore
whats that color that's so pure?
a color that redefines life
its exists only there
u become blind after that
i am blind
Wheres the green that's in your eyes
where is my heaven?""

Naylah was shocked.. Happy shocked, not angry shocked or anything. She loved the poem..It made her heart beat a little faster..She quickly sent him a text back (he sent it via sms)..
Moments later..She got worried..He didn't reply..His turn to get shocked..She couldn't believe what she just sent..

One message received..

Yousif: Abi achoofech...Shrayech ni6la3 bara3 il jama3a maliat walla..Ha shetgoleen?

Naylah was disappointed. He didn't reply to what she has sent.

Naylah: Ee ok..wain? ( she tried to be a bit cold, so that he'd realize she was upset)

Yousif: Tabeen Saar Cinema at 6:15? Madagascar is playing? heard its really funny..

Naylah: K.gr8. See u then..

Yousif: Tabeenay americh?

Naylah: no thanks..i have a car..

Yousif: 7obi feech shay?

Naylah: la bas shwaya mash'3oola..see you then..

05: 30

Naylah just finished showering. She made sure to shave her arms and legs well, just in case Yousif held her hand in the movies. She didn't want to have any stubble or anything. She lathered herself in her favorite body wash, wanting to smell and feel her absolute best for her very important first official date with her hubby.
As for her hair, she decided not to do it straight. All this time spent with him, he had seen her hair straight as a ruler. It was time to be more daring.
She got our her curling iron, and quickly curled her hair in big loose waves.


Time to get dressed. She had been thinking of this all day. And decided to wear a new dress she had bought from H&M last week. It was a short, black dress with a strapless sequin tight bodice and a flared bottom. She wore a light black cardigan on top it, since it was strapless of course:)

One message received

Yousif: emarat fm beser3a

Naylah quickly ran to her bedside table and switched on the radio just as DJ Hassan was saying:

Hay el '3naya ehdaaa min galb Yousif 7ag galb 7abeebta blueberry..Smoo3ha ya jam3a!! Jideeda 3ala EMRAAAAAAT FM..

لي صاحب من أول إذا قمت أناديه
الشوق من بين المحاني يشبّه
تقول لي لبيه لبيه لبيه
وأنا أتفدّّى به مع كل لذة

واليوم شكله ضايق ماعرف ايش فيه
من الوصل ريح المفارق تهبه
لو كان ضاق بسبها أجيه وأرضيه
المشكلة ضايق ومن دون سبّة

Naylah felt like she was melting.. How can someone be so perfect?

Naylah: aya 3aliak...oo 3ala il e'3naya...a7la ehda2;)


Naylah was running around her door room, looking for her favorite purple heels. She needed something to spice up the outfit. Once she found them, she quickly ran out, into her car and speed her way to Saar Cinema.


Naylah just reached. She breathed a sing of relief, when she saw that the parking was almost empty. She didn't want to run into anyone, nor see anyone. This was Bahrain people. People talk for a living. She has a reputation to uphold.
She parked next to his golden Porsche Cayenne. She couldn't tell if he was in the car, since it was heavily tinted.

One message received:

Ta3alay il sayarah..Aba agoolech shay...

Naylah's heart was pounding. She was sure that he was upset at the message she sent, the one he didn't reply to.
Taking a deep breath, she got out of her car, and into his.

Yousif was wearing a black Ralph Lauren polo, with dark blue jeans. His hair was wet,and a bit messy. He had a serious look in his face.

Yousif: Abee agoolech shay
Naylah: 7abeebay gool ily fee balek

With that, Yousif came a bit too close. He put an arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, "abe b3ad abee aboosich". Naylah smiled and whispered back, "shna6er".
They both laughed, and went a bit closer. Naylah threw her hands around his neck, as he began to kiss her lips passionately..

She was on air.

Naylah couldn't believe what she was doing. She couldn't resist him. He was so perfect, so hot, she couldn't not kiss him. She was a bit out of breath so she stopped and turned away. As for yousif, well.. He didnt stop.
He began to kiss her neck, softly and gently. Naylah couldn't help herself..She was about to die..aaaaaahh.....She found herself in his lap..She moved from the passenger side somehow and ended up in his lap.
Yousif looked at her with such intensity it scared her..He said nothing, and began to kiss her again..Over and over..

"My words are the kisses I wish I’d said, but they say kisses don’t last, and words are never dead.” (Author unknown, 09)


  1. oh my God!!! did anything happen after that?? he seems sooo into her and just like she couldnt resist, he couldnt either.. WOW WOOOOW :) what happened? please keep us posted and don't be late!

  2. by the way its cute when he dedicated the song on the radio.. but his poem is just too corny to handle

  3. 3aaaaaaaashaw LOL I like he seems really sweet and she's sooooooo head over heels its not even funny bas ya3ni I think they're moving too fast? ma3arf bas its soo ..siiiighhhh :D I waaant :P

  4. Bahrain Barbie, excuuuuuuuuse me but i'm going to quote again.. lol

    "She made sure to shave her arms and legs well, just in case Yousif held her hand in the movies. "

    So what are we talking about here?? Hairy chick?? naah, khalaas 6a7at min 3aini!!

    *brb reading again*

  5. after finishing this..
    she sure knows how to take instant action!


    Where's the hard to play games?? pshh!! BHR barbie.. we needed the foreplay story first before getting into action!!

    Where's naylah now??!!!! *hmmm*
    if i was instead of this yousif dude.. ill play it right.. he didnt play the game right.. dangu wa7ed!

  6. agool what did she say in her message??