Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drama Post # 9

After Naylah and Yousif finished their little make-out session. They headed to the movies, grabbed a large popcorn for them to share and got comfortable in their seats. Naylah was feeling a bit guilty when she realized that things did get a bit too far, and it was always a policy of her, never to kiss on the first date! Not only did she freaking break that rule, she even sat on his lap!!! She felt like giving herself a slap in the face..She needs to grow up and stop thinking with her heart, but with her mind for a change.

Meanwhile, Sarah was heaving a hard time getting over her break up with Salem. She was happy it ended. But she was devastated at the same time too. She tried to occupy herself with studies and writing the papers she kept postponing, but she couldn't bring herself to get out of bed and actually be productive. She was pathetic. Lying in bed, listening to sad songs.
Why is it when we feel sad, we want to feel sadder by listening to really sad emotional songs that make us feel even worse?

Sarah was upset. She knew she hurt Salem, but his harsh email brought all the pain back..


I really don't know why I am sending you this email. You really hurt me, and I think I'm beginning to move on. I'm trying to forget you, its so hard Sarah. I need to see you to give you all the gifts you given me, your pictures, everything. I don't need to see anything that reminds me of you. It hurts.
It hurts a little less each day though..I am doing fine, i dont need you. I never needed you. You are nothing to me now. After this email, you no longer will be in my mind.
You are a heartless person. I really hope that one day someone you love does the same too you.

Only then will you know what heartbreak is, because it feels like the air is being sucked out of my life. I cant breath, i cant eat nor sleep. you consume all my thoughts. i cry everyday. I'm an utter mess.
Yeah , I lied. Guess I'm not really fine.

i hate you Sarah.

After the movie ended, the rest of the night was a blur. Sarah called her in tears, and after that Naylah couldn't focus on her date. She wanted to go back home. Sarah was in bad shape and she needed to be with her. She wasn't being the greatest friend in the world.
As she making her way to the car, she got a text message.

One message received.

Salem: Naylah, I need to talk to you. Can we meet somewhere to talk? I'm in caramel cafe in Cyprus Garden, will be there for the next couple of hours. If you can pass by, I will be eternally grateful. Salem.

Naylah: Sure, will be there in less than ten minutes. Cant stay long though. Xx

Naylah decided that she wasn't going to tell Sarah about this. It would only upset her. But how could Naylah take sides in this ugly break up? She was the mutual friend.She got in her car, raised the volume, and began singing along to the fun, upbeat song on the radio. She wanted to loosen up a bit, and relax. She was tense, and didn't like it.

Music always did the trick. It always seemed to make her feel better. Singing along definitely helps too.

Cyprus Garden, Caramel, 09:00 pm

Caramel was a nice, very quiet cafe. Everyone loved it because of its cozy atmosphere. Salem was sitting in the far end. He looked different. His eyes lost their usual sparkle, and he had dark circles under his eyes. It was evident that he was not getting enough sleep. He also lost a bit of weight.
How come when guys are getting through a break-up, they look better, while girls pile on the weight eating cookies and chips?

Naylah kissed Salem's cheeks whilst greeting him, and plopped on the chair next to him.
Naylah: Ha Salem...3ash min chafak walah!!
Salem: Halla feech...Thanks inach yeetay..I really appreciate it..
Naylah: (Laughing) Affa're still my friend..You and Sarah break up doesn't mean we stop being friends !!

Salem: Listen, I need to ask you something. And i want you to answer me truthfully..
Naylah: Sure, go ahead.
Salem: (With a serious look) Is Sarah dating that emariti guy?
Naylah: ay wa7ed feehum? fee two la?

Salem: Yousif, thak il m3a'6el..

Naylah was taken back..and laughed out laughed..and exclaimed that She was seeing yousif and not Sarah. Salem did not look convinced.

Salem: I have my sources Naylah. They saw them together this weekend in Club 7..I have pictures too.

Naylah's heart dropped and she thought this cannot be happening. Funny how it took years to build up trust, and just seconds to destroy it.

"It is by chance we met . . .
By choice we became friends."


  1. *gasp* HOLY CRAP!!!!! is what I think is gonna happen going to happen?!!!! i cant wait to read your next blog tres tres interesting!!!

  2. NO!!
    I cant believe it, mo m3qoula is just talk she would never do that to her friend!!

    I LOVE your story babe, keep it up ;**

  3. NOOO WAAAYYYYY - shiiit - if they are that close she would know lo she went clubbing or whatever!!!

  4. Miss Thang: THank you...Keep on reading ull find out soon;) Intay il intresting walah:D

    Love: THank you 7beebtay intay walah.. Will post asap:)

    3anooda: I guess we will find out soon=)

  5. omg!!! sarah is such a bitch.. so is yousif :@ WHATS THIS.. poor salem he loved her with all his heart.. so did naylah.. but bitches will always be bitches i guess.. ugh :@

  6. Cinnabon: uff ina bitches will be bitches.. SAME GOES FOR MEN..