Saturday, February 21, 2009

Drama Post # 7

Naylah went over to Yousif. To her suprise, he already got her what she wanted. BTW- there were no words to describe how hot he looked. He ditched his usual kandoora ( emariti national dress) and 3a9ama (the qetra wrapped around the head- in Bahrain we call it 7amdaniya),for a form fitting red Ralph Lauren polo, which did wonders for his bulging biceps. (FYI-Yousif was a gym freak- he used to be obese when he was a kid-and has lost over 30 kgs during his last year in highschool)

Naylah: Hey...How did you know? (points to the drink and muffin)
Yousif: (with a big smile )I watch you.hahahaha..all the time...i memorzied what you like..
Naylah didnt know wether to worry about his "stalking nature", but laughed it off, thinking silently, that she stalked him more than he did, thats for sure.
Yousif: ahahah laykoon 5ara3tech..ana mo maynoon tara...bas achoofech wayed teshrebeen orange juice oo ta5theen blueburry muffin...yal blueberry intay;)
Naylah: hahahah hay il nikname il yideed walah shino?
Yousif: afa 3aliach walah afdach ib 3omray yal shai5a..
Naylah: (blushing and trying to change the subject): inzain...sha5barek b3ad?
Yousif: wayed 6al3a '3air ilyoum...feech shay met'3ayer??
Naylah: I think its the tan...its too dark!
Yousif: (gazing deeply into her eyes) I think its perfect. You're perfect.

Naylah and Yousif spent the next two hours in Starbucks. He told her all about what he thought of her when he first meet her. He thought she was a bit stuck up before he actually got to know her. He loved the fact that she was studious and was very committed to her studied. He noticed that she sat in the same seat in all her classes. Front row, far left, next to the window. He wondered why she never changed her seat and joined the naughy kids in the back. She told him that she feels more comforable in the front and its been that way ever since she was in 1st grade. He also told the reasoning behind the whole email thing. He explained that he had no idea how to approach her, since she intmiadated him. He has been thinking about it for a long time, he confessed.

Yousef told her all about his family, his close relationship with his mom. She found it espically cute when he said that his mother's voice was the first thing and last thing he heard before he slept. It was hard for him, being away from his family. His dad,was a very sucessful man, who was the CFO for one of the leading banks in the UAE. His work took up all his time and to family wasnt his number one priorty. He had two sisters (twins), that were doing their PHD's in the United States. His mom spent most of her days alone, and he hated that.

Yousif and Naylah easily relaxed around each other. There wasnt any of the akward silences. They both made fun of each other, joked around, talked about university, their favorite and least favorite professers, they even gossiped a tiny tiny bit..Yousif was appalled at what some of the Bahraini girls wore/and acted in university. Naylah tried to explain the dynamics of Bahraini society, trying to make him understand the mentality of these girls more.
Yousif was attentive, asked questions, and seemed guinely intrested in everything she was saying.

11:50 pm

It was time to leave. Curfew was at 12, and Naylah never missed curfew. She told him that she had to go. Looking around Starbucks, they realized it was empty, and all the staff left already. They cracked up,marvelling at the fact that they didnt even pay attention when they closed up.

Now This is what love feels like. Naylah knew that she shouldnt feel that. Its too soon. But the way he made her feel..The butterflies..the rollercoaster that was happening in her insides..made her feel like she was on top of the world. She never felt connected like this to anyone before, not even with Abdullah.
He was different, she felt it in her bones.
At times, the word LOVE can be so over rated, it seems to be such a timeless feeling to write about.Its an oxymoron..Quite complicated and yet.. it can be so simple and it's one thing that will last until the end of the world.

Sarah and Salem were having one of the worst dates ever. They have been having serious problems for the past couple of weeks. Sarah gave up on trying to fix their problems, she knew she was mostly at fault. But she couldnt deny it anymore. Her feelings for Salem were gone.
Salem: (Yelling) Im trying to fucking fix this! Would you give me a chance! Geez Sarah sometimes you can be so unbearable!!!
Sarah: Stop yelling at me.
Salem: dont get it do you? You dont know how it to be in love with someone who doesnt even care about you.
Sarah: You know how much I care for you Salem..but I'm just not happy. I dont know how to describe it.
Salem: After these three years, I finally realized something. I realized that you know nothing about me. I killed myself all these years, doing everything I can possibly can for you. Making you happy has always been my first priority. Nothing ever came close. You know why you know nothing about me? Its wasnt that I didnt tell you. You just never listened.
Sarah: salem, sometimes you grow with someone. Other times, you just simply grow apart. Why is that so hard to understand?
Salem: The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to.

He turned away from her and started walking away from her.

Sarah: (Tears in her eye) Salem! Dont walk away..Please dont..not now at least.I need you.
Salem: Why not?

Sarah's tears continued to fall. If this is what she wanted. Why did she feel so upset?

Salem: You were never there when I needed you. You taught me how to walk away.

With that. Sarah was alone. Alone and utterly alone.

"Love doesn't walk away, people do."" (Megan, 2009)


  1. I feel bad for Sarah but I mean if she doesnt feel the chemistry again 7aram she laches on. I think she did the right thing.

    Btw I am ADDCITED to your story, love the way you right, how it slows everything.

    Keep them coming please ;**

  2. haw shfeeha hathy - dont leave right now i will tell u when to leave?? 3ad qimat ilselfishness

  3. Love: I'm glad you think Sarah did the rite thing too. I believe when one door closes another one opens.Sarah will find sum1 just as great as her..
    7abeebtay walah..thank u for your sweet comments..will post later @ nite..kil afkary etyay fel lail:)
    Keep reading:)

    3anooda: Im glad your responding to the characters!!! Sarah can be a bit selfish at times-thats true- Bas i think shes more confused then selfish:)
    Keep reading!! XOxo

  4. SARAH= SELFISH BELGOW!! 7lalila salem a7s he loves her so much bss she isn't in the relationship as he is.. he has invested in it but she isn't

    YOUSEF MY emaraty friend :P hatha mal feejna :P:P 3a kaifi..lets hope mayfashlny :P

  5. Silhoueette: eheheeh you couldnt have said it better!! thats exactly how sarah feels...

    hahahaah...inshalh..yousif is..a hmm..complex charcater:)

    Keep reading xoxox

  6. I felt bad for sarah.. but I hope things dont get confusing for nayla a7es something's gonna happen!

  7. Miss Thang: hahaha...keep reading n ull know sweetie;)

  8. its so weird cuz guys of this disgusting era are starting to lose that "gentleman" touch and they sometimes make the woman pay!! so naylah is one of the lucky ones i guess ;)

  9. nice..
    hostile ;)

    I can still imagine what will happen to sarah and salim in the next episode lol