Monday, February 2, 2009

Drama Post # 1

Naylah couldn't believe her eyes...She reread the email once again, puzzled by its content. Who could it be, she thought? Could it be her best friend Sarah playing a practical joke on her? It must be who would send such an email??
This is what the email read:

Dear Naylah,
I know this is going to be weird. So i urge you not to think that I'm a psycho-stalker (I'm not btw), bas I really wanted to tell you something. I see you and talk to you almost every day in class, but i never have the guts to tell you what I feel. I really like you. I have since the first day we took Introduction to History together back in 2005...three years ago and I still don't have the nerve. Could you please add me on the following email I promise I will explain everything.

P.S. You looked hot today.

Sleepless in Bahrain.

Naylah picked up her new silver Nokia phone, and quickly texted Sarah.."Coming to your room now open the door...".
Less than a minute later, one message received pops up on her screen "already open..get junk if u have any"..
Naylah threw a robe over her purple jalabiya, since it was getting cold and quickly looked around for her room access key..Uffft she grumbled to herself, if i had stayed at home this semester, i wouldn't be looking for this stupid key.. She let it go, and left her door unlocked and headed to Sarah's room.

The door was wide open. She didn't even bother knocking, Sarah and Naylah were the bestest of friends. They met on the first day of university, and were close ever since. Sarah understood Naylah without Naylah ever having to say a word. This was deep. Their friendship was something neither of them ever took for granted.

Sarah was on her tiny single bed, very pink and girly. Naylah plopped on the bed, squeezed next to Sarah, and quickly got out the pack of chips she got with her.
"ma bat9adgeeen the news I have sarooo!!! Major Major 911 updates".... Sarah, who was kinda sleepy, was suddenly alert, "Finally, Uff i was waiting for something to happen all day..youma kan 7ada bay5...yala bashray goolay esh3indachh!!!"

Naylah quickly logged on to her university email, and read the email to Sarah..
Sarah couldnt contain her excitement: "Umabiiiiiiiiiiih...U have an admirer!!!! ooo weyana fel jama3a!!!! ansasaaaaa!! Shnoo betlbseen bacher?""

Naylah cracked up...only Sarah would say such stuff in these events..."Laaaaaa hay mo mohim..i7een gooleee shasweee? Asawee add 7ag thee winchoof uhwa min? Oo if it's a joke y3ni a7ad ybeeee yesawee 7araka bay5a binraweeehum!!""
Sarah added..."Duh....that's not an option..yala sawee log min my msn.shakla il7ob ma bedish online ilyoum...yalaa log in abay a3arf thee min!"

Naylah prayed and prayed..Inshallah ekooon Yousif..Yousif was an Emarti guy she had liked ever since she laid eyes on him. He was tall, tanned with broad shoulders. He had the nicest hazel eyes that sparkled every time they talk. They didn't talk much, to her disappointment. Although it was easier to talk to him since they were both studying History...They had almost all their classes together for the past three years. She has gotten up the nerve to say boring things like "Ha...shno sawaiat fl emt7an....meta betsafer...Professor X 7ada sa5eef.." Nothing major y3ni..Basic Stupid sewalef...She wished he was the one..bas 5asara, she thought, he's not the shy type. He wouldn't use this approach?

Naylah's msn finally logged in..After what seemed like hours.."Yallaa add him" Sarah squealed, stealing the bag of chips from her best friend..."Yummm...a7la nou3 wala..ha gooleee online uhwa?"
Naylah didnt have the time to respond since sleepless in bahrain already sent her an instant text...
The following is the beginning of what will be the most important chat of her life:

Sleepless In Bahrain: Nawar il msn wala..
Naylah: ibwjoodek...Momken etgoolee int min? tara ana masaweee add 7ag nass ma3arfum.
Sleepless in Bahrain: entay et3arfeeenay...wet3erfnay 3adel..weyach fee kil class..
Naylah: know we are almost 40 students in every class..sha3rfnay int ay freak minhum hahaha...
Sleepless in Bahrain: Touche touche!! Yalah oo 6l3tay 5afeeefat dam b3ad!
Naylah: If this is a joke, tara im not in the mood...oo FYI..hay 7arakat yehal!!
Sleepless in Bahrain:Fahem ga9dech walah..bas put yourself in my shoes...Im shy..magdar agooolach hay il7achay face to face..Fakart wayed oo a'6en hay a7san 6areeqa...bas abi as2lich shay gabel ma i take this any further..

Naylah's heart stopped...Shino yabeee egool thee b3ad...uff..wala chan zain ma sawiat add....ymken bas hes playing a joke..who would be interested in me a9lan...she thought silently. What if its a daga by Abdullah? .not wanting to share these thoughts with Sarah, who hated Abdullah and who promised to cut her tongue if she bought up his name again....Inzain itha mo 3abdulla..ymekn a7ad mo3jab? She thought silently...but found it hard to believe, if i was really a catch, chan Abdullah wouldn't have broken up with me..Naylah invested four years in that relationship. She thought she had it all, the perfect boyfriend, the boyfriend that she would proudly call her husband .Then, he ruined it. After graduation (from high school, that is), they both went their separate ways.. Abdullah, and a bunch of his friends went to Canada for their undergraduate studies at Concordia university...Naylah.on the other hand, did not have the luxury of studying abroad.. her parents were strict..and didn't allow her to study abroad..Bahrain wala balash...her dad warned...Abdullah assured her that nothing will change, he will call, text, email every day..and will be back in Christmas and Summer...She believed him..she really did...

"Naylooo!!!! shfeeech wainach entayy!!"" Sarah's loud voice interrupted her intense thoughts...
"Laa laa sorry yatnii il nooda !! ga3da afaker 3an thee flan ma3arf itha its a joke or something...maybe i should just block delete? Shrayech"
Sarah's eyes popped..."maynoona entay!! nabee action shfeech nissiaty ana oo intay we RARELY HAVE action...since we have somehting now,lets just go with the flow and find out who it is!! wala niktaa thee flan!! Abee a3arf shaka fee a couple of people a9lan"

Back to the Instant Messaging Conversation...

Sleepless in Bahrain: Aloo....Naylah..entay wain?
Naylah: eee weyak sorry...had a phone call...
Sleepless in Bahrain: haahah la shaklech ga3da et'3aleen...inzain bas2lach il so2al ily fee bali...bas abeech etkoneen 9aree7a weyay...
Naylah: Es2l..bas u have to tell me who you are 3ogeb ma ajaweb...
Sleepless in Bahrain: Inzain..bas2lich..


(to be continued that is!! Stay tuned for Post 2!!)


  1. oooooooooh I cant wait to read post I wanna know what happens next!!!! :D :D :D
    bas a7is he is a psycho stalker 9ara7a :P

  2. will find out in the rest of the story ;)

    Keep reading and I'll keep postin