Thursday, February 19, 2009

Drama Post # 6

Yousif was still MIA. Missing in action that is.

Naylah and Sarah wasted no time in the weekend. They were determined to make it a great weekend, since they were both feeling a little down. On Thursday, they went to a watch a new movie at Saar Cinema, which, for the first time, strangely overcrowded.
They was a bunch of cute, older-looking guys. Really cute guys. Who kept staring at both of the girls, who were too busy to notice. Little did they know that these men will have a large impact on their lives later.
They spent the entire Friday tanning in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Spa. They exercised for a bit in the mixed gym, ran on the sand near the beach for a bit (all the stars do it:) and finally relaxed on the tanning beds.

They both turned a little too dark..but their tan lines were great...Their cheeks were red and flushed and the tiniest bit burnt.
That's the Bahraini sun for you..makes you black and not golden :)

Saturday:0800 pm

Naylah hated Saturday's. They reminded her of starting another long, tiring week at university. But this time, she was excited. She knew that Yousif would be back from his short trip, since he cant afford to miss any more classes. She couldn't wait to "stalk" him or at least catch him online.
This is why she was on MSN from the moment she opened up her eyes. At 08:00 am.
But, of course, she was appear offline. She didn't want to seem "too available" if yousif did come online.
She would check her msn quite regularly. To her disappointment, he wasn't on.
Boo HOo...
She checked her university email, wanting to reread the email that started this all.
To her suprise, she found an email from him!!!
She could barely contain her excitment as her eyes flew from word to word..


Sorry I havent been on MSN for quite a while. I came back from UAE and I dont have internet at home. Do you think maybe you can text me? Its going to be hard for me to come online these days.
This is my number. I really really want to talk to you. 3942xxxx

El walhan..

Naylah decided that she was going to send a text. right then and there. She couldnt wait any more. She felt suffocated when she thought he was MIA. She didnt want to go through that again. It was time for their "so-called relationship" to take another level.
The timing was right, she reassured herself, as she wrote the text message.

Naylah @ 8:15 pm : 7imdella 3ala il salama..Tawha nawart il bahrain;)
Yousif @ 8:16 pm: la 9adeg...a5eeran...ahh..kent fee 3athab min ams ga3ed a6ale3 telephonay chinay maynoon...emnawara ibwjoodech yal shai5a..
Naylah @ 8:30 (had to make him wait a bit): walah tawni chayfa il email min shwaya..agool shlon il emarat? inshallah kil shay ok?
Yousif @ 9:00 (now he was making her wait lol) Sorry wallah im playing soccer..Ee il walda shwaya maree'6a..sawaina laha tests fel mostishfa..bas ma 6ela3 feeha shay il7imdella
Naylah @ 9:02 : 7imdella 3ala salamtha..(she didnt know what else to say)
Yousif @ 9:05 : Allah esalmech..inzain intee wain?
Naylah @ 9:08 : Fel bait..malana:/
Yousif @ 9:08 : Shayech amer 3aliach oo ne6la3?
Naylah @ 9:15: (had to make him wait LOL) 5an roo7 starbucks ily fel jam3a..its late oo mabi at25er..i have work to do.. (She didnt..but wanted to make him know that he cant ask her out last minute expecting she would be free)
Yousif @ 9:16: ily eraye7 yal shai5a..inzain ayay amer 3aliach? tara a5af 3aliach tamsheen ebroo7ech min il saken lay il jam3a;)
Naylah @ 9:20: thanks for the offer.bas ill jaw wayed 7lo;) see you in half an hour?
Yousif @ 9:21: Cant wait..text when you reach..;)

Naylah had to jump up and down for a bit! She couldnt believe it! It was finally happening. A scene she played in her head so many times that she thinks she mentally forced it to happen!! She quickly jumped in the shower and decided to take a quick body shower. Her hair was fine, she did it this morning. It was nice and straight. She would just have to go over it with GHD to make it look shinier and straighter.

After her quick shower, came the most important question. For the first time ever, Naylah knew exactly what to wear. She was going to wear her new Banana Republic skirt. It was white, high waisted and very flattering to her already skinny frame. It gave her the ass she never had.
With it , she wore a bright red V-neck top, a casual top, since the skirt was already kind of over the top.

She made sure that the top exposed her tanning lines, the ones she worked so hard on!
As for make-up, Naylah always followed the principle of less is more. She applied Bobby Brown's tinted moisturizer, and Victoria Secret bronzer, which made her look even more tanned. As for her pretty hazel eyes, She lined them with dark eyeliner, and a heavy coat of mascara. She wished she had time to put her false eyelashes, but she wasnt bothered, it took her time to wear them, and time was of the essense now.
After her make-up was done, and she wore her clothes. She took a final look in the mirror. She was more than satisfied with what she was wearing. She knew she looked good.
After spraying her favorite perfume, hypnotic poison by Chrisitan Dior, she admired herself in the mirror one last time and decided that it was time to head out.


Naylah left the dorms, and sent a quick text to Sarah, who out out on a date with Salem.

Naylah: Layfootach shino 9ar! 911 min galb
Sarah: Bashray!
Naylah: Going to see Yousef in a bit fee starbx! Can you effin believe it!
Sarah: Whoaaa! Ive been gone 2 hours oo kil thee 9ar! Hello! How When Why How!!! EXPlain!! E.S pls! (ES stood for executive summary)
Naylah: No time already close..miss call me when youre back in the dorms bayeech. brb..oh and dont forget the code..XXX

The code was whenever any of the gang (there's more to the gang-you will meet new characters soon) was out on a first/second date, all the girls would call the girl on the date several times, and send her text messages so the guy would get jealous.
Stupid plan but it works!


Naylah was punctual. She hated being late for anything, but decided this time she will go at least five-ten minutes late. She went in from the back door, hoping she wont see him.
"Gowa Naylah".

His manly voice startled her and she jumped.

" Hey!! 5ara3teenay"

He looked at her tenderly and said. "Ma 3ash ily e5arech".

With that she felt like she was on air, and was blushing furiously. She excused herself and mumbled that she would be in the ladies room.
In the ladies room, Naylah took a deep breath and said to herself. You can do it, you've talked to him a million times before.
She regained her composure, reapplied to her favorite Dior clear lipgloss and headed out. She was determined to be her confident, bubbly self.

She noticed that Yousif was sitting in the tables that were the further from the door. Good choice, she thought silently. She didnt want to see anyone tonight. She wanted to be focused on him, the love of her life.

TBC.. Wait for the next post!


“We were having one of those great first dates you can only have when it's not an actual date.”
-Carrie Bradashaw, aka. Sarah Jessica Parker..


  1. THANKS ! Atraya ilupdate, yousef seems interesting im waiting to see how it goes..!

    as for the code! i love it! im stealing it away and sharing it with my gfss!!!


  2. Sillouette: Thank you!! I cant wait to write more walah...So many of these characaters do exist in real life.LOL..

    hahah steal away!! I hope it'll will be sucessful!!


    Keep reading !:):)

  3. I'm still skeptical about this boy!!! but tres cute I love her character!! cant wait for more :D

  4. Miss thang: heheehe...her character loves you too;)

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  5. LOL!!! I'm lovin' the action here!!!

    "But, of course, she was appear offline. She didn't want to seem "too available" "

    hehehe!! Bahraini Barbie.. you're the shizz!!!

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    So that's how you girls play games huh??!! Right on! We'll c ;)
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  7. Miss thang..

    I'll tell you one thing, this 'boy' you're talking about.. no worries, this is all the beauty of the beginning! If you know what I mean! Later on, I'm sure that he'll be busted for lotsa SH*T! LOL!! am i right? ;)

    aah I love trouble! Cuz trouble hates me ;)