Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drama Post # 4

08:45 pm
Naylah waited and waited for Yousif..She surfed the net, went on net-a-porter to look for new, hot dresses or skirts that she could possibly wear if Yousif ever asked her out (getting a little ahead of ourselves arent we)..and then, the reasonable side of her brain scolded her...why are u waiting for him..its been almost two hours..You shouldnt wait..go do your life..stop waiting for him..

Naylah decided she was going to going to tell Sarah to come over, she needed to analyze this situation..Sarah boldly explained and carefully analyzed the situation..This is what she had to say:


Naylah cracked up and exhaled loudly: Yes, we do have that fact covered..But why isnt he here? Yesterday he was bending over backwards to please me, and now he ditched the sacred online date?! Its weird! Where could he be? He says he's an internet freak and that hes always online..?

Sarah: "He's a freak all right! No really, i think its either
A-He slept
B-he forgot
C-he went out and lost track of time

Im sure its nothing serious..Just wait..youll see him tomorrow in uni anyways..we are gna do what we do best..(With a mischevious look in her eyes) STALK HIM!!
He has american government in Lecture Hall A..We'll conviently be there at like 2:50..ten minutes before his class starts..He wont be there before..3ad ma nerd uhwa!!!"

Naylah felt a little better..Nothing happened for him to ignore..She did everything rite..She was nice, friendly, not too friendly though, didnt want him to get the wrong idea or something..He probably just got busy, and will send me an apologetic email or offline message..Akeed.. She thought silently..

Sarah and Naylah decided to go for a little cruise.. They've been strangely MIA from the regular bahraini action these past couple of days..They decided to go to their favorite cafe..Friends cafe...They liked it because it was nice, cozy, and no one went there..It was their haven, a place where the could be themselves, talk and act silly, with no weirdos looking at them and judging their loud voices, burps, and silly acts..
This was Bahrain yáll..The land of constant judgment.People liked to gossip..actually they lived to gossip..Hearing the latest stories, who got dumped, who got divorced, who had an embarrasing incident happening to him/her, whom was dating whom, the latest guersome murder sotries,,were always the things were discussed the most in this tiny Khaleeji society...
Can you blame them?
Everyone loves a little gossip.. Hearing bad stories always makes one feel a bit better about themselves..At least this is not happening to them, they always reassure themselves...


As you can probably tell with the timings, Sarah and Naylah did not take time to get ready..They went out in their pj's...But they knew that people would talk, so they wore their Abbaays over their embarrasing white cotton jalabiya..They headed to Friends in Naylah's white Range Rover..with the windows down and blasted the radio which was conviently playing one of their favorite songs:

From the moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you..
While combing my hair now
And wond'ring what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you...

Forever, and ever, you'll stay in my heart, and I'll love you
Forever, and ever, we never will part, oh I love you
Together, forever, that's how it should be
Living without you
Would only mean heartbreak for me...

Naylah and Sarah swayed from side to side..Unfortuantly, their song was interrupted with the ringing of Sarah's phone...

Unknown person:mar7ba
Sarah:Mar7ba milliayeeen..

Naylah looked at Sarah, and gave her a questioning look, which read WHO, Sarah mouthed..Rashed...Naylah was excited..Rashed was one of Yousif's friends in university..They werent great friends, but they were both Emariti..And the majority of the students at her uni were Bahraini,and they were the only 2 Emaritis there..

Rashed: Esh7alech obiyoa?
Sarah: Wala ma shay ya obiyaaaaaaa (**obviously making fun of the Emariti dialect)
Rashed: ahhahaaah wala may6eeee7 3aliach trmseeen nafsna!! inteee Bahrainiyaaa 7acheekum '3areeb '3ajeeb!!
Sarah: (laughing Loudly)Yala Yala!! Rid ebladek la!!
Rashed: Wala chan zain shabab ridaw wala oo ana ihnee broo7i...
Sarah: Il shabab? Laykoon intaw million wa7d 3indna fel jam3a? Int oo yousfoo bas!
Rashed: Haiii (**which means Yes in Emariti dialect) Maskeen yousef safer ilyoum wala..allah e3eena..
Sarah: (Lowering the volume on the radio) Laish esfeeh yousif?
Rashed: Wala maskeeeenn 9ada '6aref oo kan lazem erid il blad..maba agool zood...bas il7imdela 3ala kil shay..

Their conversation continued for the next few minutes..Till they reached the parking of Friends..Once they were seated, in the favorite table upstairs, in the big,cozy room,with the satelliate dish and large tv, sarah summarized the conversation she had with rashed..
He was really nice, its weird, He usually doesnt call you know that, I dont know why he's calling all of a sudden...You know i think he purposely wanted to mention the fact that Yousif had to travel..Im sure its on purpose btw!!9ij 7arkat shabab!! ahahah walah e'6a7koon!!Bas i want to ask you...Madri..Its weird...But i feel like I kinda like him..I dont know..I feel like I'm cheating on Salem!!

Sarah rambled on and on about her "emotional infidelity", while Naylah's thoughts were fixated on her a certain lesson she learned..

**Lessons Learnt from Failed Relationship Number 1 :

4- Almost cheating in a relationship = Actual Cheating
Here are some random thoughts I have about cheating. I was tempted more than once to cheat on Abdullah..I didnt cheat cheat on him..but i did talk to other friends..without him knowing..I might have liked one of these friends more than I should have..But i never actually DID anything..emotional infidelety I like to call it..It is not excusable if you feel terrible about it after it happens,and confessing your guilt is selfish. It will only make the guilty partner relieved and the other an utmost mess. Having a speacil connection with someone other than your partner when you are in a commited relatonship, is a warning sign...This warning sign flashes if you realize that you are talking/seeing/daydreaming about this someone more than you do with your actually partner..
Then, you get into the dangerous zone..This phase is the phase where you start comparing Mr.New Guy to Mr.Old one (your committed partner)..This is undoubtly, the hardest part..Do you give up everything you have...for a little thrill of something new? The thrill of the chase as they like to call it...
Is it worth it to throw a relationship you work so hard on for the thrill of running after something exciting, yet fresh?
Indeed, the funnest part of being in a relationship is the courtship in the beginning...However...Life..As I believe it, happens in phases..One cannot be in the courtship phase forever..Things the better or worse... Once you make the pained decision to let go of your little fantasy (as most guilty partners do at some point in the relationship) things are never the same. You stop feeling wat you used to feel..The chemistry that was once there isnt there anymore...thoughts of cheating consume you...The guilt eats you alive..No matter how hard you try..It is very very difficult not to compare..

In conclusion, I have had one serious act of emotional infidelity..After that incident..It was hard at me to look at Abdullah they way i did before..Im sure it was one of the many reasons that triggered the breakup..So my advice for my next relationship: Invest all your time to your realtionship.Nurture it,try to make it grow,your relationship is like a flower. If you shower it with attenion and love, it will grow and produce significant results.
Do not look for what is missing in your relationship by looking at other individuals and trying to find the MISSING traits in THEM!

"I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive.." ( Henry Ward Beecher)

TBC...Wait for the next post to learn more details about Sarah's complicated love life!


  1. Hehehe love how she has a book of lessons :P

  2. lol im curious i want to know more about sarahs love life!! and i want to see the friends cafe...

  3. Silhouette Crime: Thank you!!

    Jacqui: Im glad you liked it!!;)

    y576: Thank you so much!!

    Cinnabon: You will read all about it ASAP!! will take pics of it and send them to you. its an old house with rooms upstairs and a tv thats about it!!;)

  4. Hi Bahrain Barbie.. I would like to tell u that this trick is called "DTM" (Ditching To Miss).. it's a very typical trick done by the khaleeji dudes n that is when they know a girl, and wanna "PLAY HARD" (GET IT?? PLAY HARD :P), they do this trick by ditching. Some options include informing a friend that they travelled or left or vanished.. basically to create drama!!!

    Has it happened to any of you before??? Please do share your experiences!! :D

    But.. overall, VERY VERY NICE post!!! Im gonna read the next one .. so stay tuned for my comments!!!