Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Drama Post # 2

Sleepless in Bahrain: Are you seeing anyone?
Naylah: I think this is a private wont even tell me your name and you want me to tell you such intimate details about my life??
Naylah: I cant believe you...
Sleepless in Bahrain: la laa latfahmeeenay '3ala6...u see im in an awkward position here..if i tell u my name,,then u tell me la sorry baba im dating someone,then im gonna see you for the next year in university, o bakoon mayet min il fasheela..if the tables were turned, you would prefer to stay anonymous too unless you were certain that you had a chance with this special someone.
Naylah: Ok..good point..I understand where you're coming from. I don't mind sharing this information with you, a9lan i already have it posted on my fb..I'm single.
Sleepless in Bahrain: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Naylah: ahhaah so im guessing ure happy hehee....
Sleepless in Bahrain: you dont understand how happy I am to hear that. I was so certain that you were seeing someone. How can someone so pretty, so smart, so caring and honest like you still be single? Its not possible..I wish I can tell you everything I that i feel about you.but i really don't want to scare you..aahh...lo et3arfeeen gadrech 3inday walah..
Naylah: Thank you...matga9er..hay min 6eebik wmin 6eeb a9lik..
Sleepless in Bahrain: I have to leave now.I have an exam tomorrow and I still didnt study for it.

Naylah's heart skipped a beat..More than a beat actually..a couple..her thoughts were racing, and she felt she was going to explode..."Saroo...!!!! You know who has an exam tomorrow!!!!! fee amal its him!!!!!"...

Sarah: Ee 9ij tara bacher rab3na in History of Science and Technology 3indhum exam...and they're like 10 girls in that class and three guys!!!! Il 7ob oo these two freaky Nigerian dudes!!!!! no wayy uhma tara!! the nigerians wont talk nafsna!!UMABIIHH AKEED UHWAAAAAA NAYLOOOO TELL HIM SUMTHING!!""

Naylah found it hard to contain her excitement. Is this true, she wondered..Could it really be him? She felt a huge smile creep to her lips..She was sure now...She could feel it in her bones...It was him...She usually always trusted her gut feelings..She knew she had to give in to it this timme and realize that something good..something real..was actually happening to her...After all the drama that happened in her life with her stupid ex boyfriend...She needed to be happy. She needed a reason to keep moving,and a reason to keep living...After all the heartache she suffered, she swore that she would never gamble with the most precious thing she had, her love.
She quickly shut her thoughts..and turned her attention to the laptop and went back to the conversation..

Sleepless in Bahrain: Naylah..entay wain? I dont want to close the convo box without hearing from you..
Naylah: la 3adi yousif..roo7 edris..Professor Flan's tests are should hit the books ....
Sleepless in Bahrain: (Shocked smiley) How did you know!!!!! Laykoon sa7ra!!
Naylah: La ana Bahrainiya mo Omaniya...ahahhaah..
Sleepless in Bahrain: la la ma9adeg...wain awadee wayheee eheeen...bas goolliii shlon 3erftay!!
Naylah: I'm smart i guess..
Sleepless in Bahrain: Of course you are...I see your name on the Dean's List every semester..
Naylah: about you go study and we'll continue this chat tomorrow?
Sleepless in Bahrain: I don't want to leave you. I have so many things I need to tell you.
Naylah: I'm not going anywhere:)
Sleepless in Bahrain: Ok..can you come online at like 7? I'll be online from 5 onwards...I know you usually are in starbux till 620 7 will be the perfect time..
Naylah: Sounds great.See you then.Ciao and good luck.
Sleepless in Bahrain: Can't wait..Good night..again..I'm sorry for doing this ...this way i mean...see you tomorrow:)
Naylah: Bye
Sleepless in Bahrain: Byeee:)

Naylah and Sarah jumped from underneath the covers, unable to contain their excitement..They started running around the room, yelling and screaming. It was as if their favorite team just won the world cup. They were overjoyed...It has been three years of obsessive analyzation and many stalking days, and many conversations about how to "get" the 7ob.the guy she fell in love with the moment she saw him.Today was a victory. A victory for all the girls who were too scared to do the first move on a guy they worshiped. It was finally her time to shine.
A time for their love, which she one thought, was one sided to grow and mature..

Ring Ring.....Their excitement was rudely interrupted by the sound of the annoying dorm room phone...Sarah huffed and puffed as she made her way through her messy room, with the mountains of clothes on the floor,bed,on top of the fridge, on the desk..basically...clothes were everywhere...
Supervisor: Sara!!! ay dah ya bint!!! bet3ay6oo laih!!!
Sarah: laaaa 5alti wala 9ar shay wayed ewanis!! sorry i7eeen nasket oo in9ik il bab...
Supervisor: Bo9i ba2a..7amasheeha hal mara bas!!! Ti9ba7ooo 3ala alf 5airrr!
Sarah: Inshallah!! ma3a alf salmaa!! (in a weird Egyptian accent)

Naylah was cracking up...It was always sarah that got the blame...The girls always gathered around her room. It was the hangout..It was the messiest, most loudest room in the entire dorm.

Sarah and Naylah started discussing wardrobe options as she was going to "accidentally" be in the same building where Yousif's exam was going to be held..
Beep Beep..

Naylah got up and read the text message she got on her cell.She couldn't believe it. Her face suddenly became cant be she thought to herself..

" I miss you"



  1. aaaaaaaah im ur first follower!! and im offically loving it

  2. Thank you!!!! im soo happpy you like the story..will write some more today and tomorrow..just came back from a long trip:D

  3. la la la ma ar'6a ana - shga9dich ba7rainiya mub 3maniya?? LOOOOOL

  4. 3anooda: Hehehe this is what really happened...just saying the story as is:)
    FYI- i love oman and 2 of my bestest friends friends are omani!!!:):)

  5. I can't wait to read more! I love you Barbie, I'm getting flash-backs and flash-forwards!

    And that message that every girl wants to get!

    ta na na *I Miss You.*

    hahaha love it