Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drama Post # 11

Let me hold you
For the last time
It’s the last chance to feel again
But you broke me
Now I can’t feel anything

Naylah confronted Sarah. She gave her no warning, no heads up. She marched into her dorm room, the once that was filled with love, warmth and comfort. Today the room was cold and bitter. Sarah denied everything. She said that she was indeed clubbing, with her girls. Yousif saw her there and was trying to dance with her. When Naylah pressed her for more information,Sarah exclaimed that he tried to not only kiss her, but touch her inappropriately. She refused his advances, and left soon afterward.

Naylah did not know what to believe. Sarah seemed so sincere, she was crying, and looked really hurt. How can you not trust me, she sobbed.

For the first time, in a long time, Naylah was able to see right through Sarah. What she saw was a liar. A girl, supposedly, her best friend, who had her back, was lying straight to her face. Something ticked in her head. Her gut feeling confirmed it. Sarah was lying, she couldn't even look Naylah in the eye.

Naive was one of Naylah's traits. She was too kind for her own good.

Before Naylah left the room, after calmly explaining to Sarah that she no longer wanted to see her, nor hear from her. She will not forgive, nor forget. She will continue on living her life, without being there for Sarah anymore. She will not hold her hand, be there for her when things got rough. She was over it. Over with being so fucking stupid, over being lied at by someone she thought the world of.

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness", Naylah said in a soft voice, before exiting Sarah's room.

Sarah broke down in tears, hugging her knees to her chest, swaying back and forth, unable to contain the salty tears that were cascading her swollen face. She deserved it. She lied. She loved and she lost. She lost the most important person. She realized that you only realize a true person's worth when they leave...

Oh it tears me up
I tried to hold but it hurts too much
I tried to forgive but it’s not enough
To make it all okay

Naylah was surprised that she was so calm. She was oddly relaxed. She needed to get that out of her system. She felt lighter. Sarah's evident betrayal was heartbreaking, devastating, BUT..that does not mean she was going to dwell on it. Life is too short, too precious to be friends with people who lie. She could forgive anything, anyone, but being lied to, from your closest friend, is where she drew the red lie.

The next item on the agenda was to talk to Yousif. She needed to talk to him and see what was this "urgent" thing he needed to discuss with her. A strong hunch told her that it was going to be the incident in Club 7.
She could breathe. Life was good..It would only get better from here.

Oh the truth hurts
A lie is worse
I can’t like it anymore
And I love you a little less than before

Naylah:Where do you want to meet?
Yousif: How about Hong Kong?
Naylah:No, somewhere else?
Yousif: Tabeen Zoé's ?
Naylah: NOO
Yousif: 7abeebtay esfeech, laykoon its that time of the month. Hehehehe..Shrayach ib carla's ily fe cypress garden?
Naylah: Sure. Half an hour?
Yousif: Am less than 5 mins away.
Naylah: Well. I'm not. See you in half an hour.

45 minutes later:

Naylah walked in Carla's, feeling like a million bucks. She was wearing her new favorite,high waisted, black bubble skirt, with a plain white top, and a colorful pashmina. Her hair was up in a high ponytail, showing off her newly cut bangs.
Yousif was sitting in a table, drinking a hot cup of coffee. When he saw her approaching, he quickly got up, and gave her an akward hug.
Hmm, he thought, this is the first time she doenst hold me tightly. She couldn't possibly know?
Naylah sat down, not next to him, but in the seat that was the furthest from him. She didnt need to be next to him, she could feel his eyes burning into hers. She felt like she was melting again.

Yousif: I need to talk to you about something. I dont know how to start.
Naylah: Well. You gotta start somewhere.
Yousif: (taken back for her lack of emotion, taken back by the cold,icy daggers that her pretty green eyes were shooting at him. Those eyes, were always smiling,and twinkling. What happened, he thought. Guilt was weighing him down. It was time. He needed to say this. Naylah was a good girl. He couldnt. He wouldnt.)
Naylah: Yebtnay min il manama for hmmm oo ummm ya yousif?
Yousif: Naylah, ana a7bech. Bas i cant be with you.
Naylah: (confused) what? what are you talking about?
Yousif: I wanted to tell you this so many times. I am so so sorry Naylah.
Naylah: Sorry for what? tell me yousif.. tell me now
Yousif: I'm getting married. Melchna that weekend ily safarat feeha.

Naylah was utterly and totally shocked.She was lost. She died. She died inside. Not only was her heart broken. She felt broken.

But we’re running through the fire
When there’s nothing left to say
It’s like chasing the very last train
When we both know it’s too late

(Broken Strings, James Morriosn feat. Nelly Furtado)


  1. OH MY F$%ING GOSH that son of gun!!!!!!! holy crap!!! ok i'm speechless!!!! :S :S :s

  2. I thought he was going to tell her about Sarah, wala 7mar ashouf when he was making out with her he forgot about his wife..3ma!!

    I think she is better off without her friend, a friend that lies does not deserve to be called a friend !

    once again great post babe ;**

  3. na3am na3am sarah w a wife what emaratee are u ! such a disgrace to us all :p ma7bbk

  4. ufff wallah hes such an ASS*OLe!!!
    typical of an emaraty guy,.. no excuse.. but they usually use khaleeji girls... they think bint bdoon 3ba oo shaila 3ady eyli3boon 3laiha and shit!!!!
    oo sarah yabeelha 6agg hal sa5eefa!!!

  5. UNBELIEVABLE!!! SHITTT!!!!! galbiii!
    he's such an ass i thought he's gonna tell her bout sarah!! 6l3 mitzawj il wa95!! and he is continuingggg his relationship ma3a nayla-- NITHALLAH!! and it took him a while to decide to confront her!! can't wait for the next post!!! ..... waiting anxiously!

  6. I cant believe how 2 faced ppl can be... its bad enough Sarah betrayed you, ba3ad yousif el 5neeeth 6ela3 maalech?

    walla sho hal ZMAN EL 5AYES

    cant wait for the next post !

  7. Miss thang: speechless tooo;)

    3anooda: couldnt agree more:)

    Love: thank you for relating to the characters!! thank you for reading and commenting always ure the best walah:)

    S.Crime: WHere have u been hiding!! You never comment anymore-I MISS URE COMMENTS@@ COME BACK:)

    mARYAM: thank you for your passion and enthusaim about the EVIL characters! i totally agree with what you are saying about emariti me bahrainis are better:D

    '3anoom: inshallah the next post is coming the next few hours..was thinking of what will i write about next:D
    9ij zeman 5ayes oo nass a5yas':P

  8. oh my God.. no wonder why sarah and yousif got together cuz they are friggin 2 faced and they both used their other face! FUCKERS both of them.. neither of them is better than the other.. they can go to hell man.. losers

  9. Btw I just satrted reading your story . I like it so far. You're reveling a part of Bahrian that I had no idea it existed!