Saturday, March 7, 2009

Drama Post # 10

Naylah quickly excused herself, and left Caramel cafe. She couldn't stand being there. She couldn't bring herself to drive, her hands were shaking. Her entire body was trembling. She couldn't believe it.A million questions ran through her exhausted brain...Why didn't Salem tell her about Club 7? Since when did Sarah go to clubs?? Even so, why wouldn't she tell Naylah about it? maybe she was just there and saw him and said hello? For sure, they wouldn't be on a date???
Naylah was so shocked that tears kept falling down her face. She sat in the car for over an hour..
Crying like there was no tomorrow.
Crying for being left in the dark.
Crying for the fact that her bestest friend in the world is keeping secrets from her.
Crying for the fact that it was her best friend's ex boyfriend who told her.
Crying for the fact that she was played.

hours later:
@ 01:00 am

Naylah went home after staying in the parking lot of Caramel for over an hour . Home as in not the dorms, but her actual house in Saar. She needed to be away from it all. She needed to think clearly about how she was going to confront Sarah.
She needed to be in her bed. Her cozy bed and her loving family. Nothing made her happier than being at home.
She glanced at her mobile phone.

10 missed calls. 7 from Sarah, and 3 from Yousif.
3 messages. All from Sarah.

Message 1: Wainaaaaaaaach??? awal mara met25ara 3an curfew! please come i need you. So lonely and upset..

Message 2: Ok..this is not funny! now im getting worried ! where the hell are u bitch!!

Message 3: Call me when you see this!! 911..

Naylah switched off her phone. She wasnt in the mood for reading these messages. She went to bed, still in her date clothes, and fell asleep with tears in her eyes.
Just when my life was becoming perfect, this happens, was the last thought before she fell into deep sleep.

Sarah was getting worried about Naylah. This was so unlike her. Her phone was always with her, and she never skipped curfew. Never.
She decided that she would call Yousif and ask him about Naylah's whereabouts.

Sarah: Aloo..gowa yousif
Yousif: na3am sarah shoo tabeen
Sarah:Afaaaaaaaa shno hal kalam..
Yousif: Ana cham mara getlach ya Sarah, dont call me. I'm serious, i've had it. You know I'm with your best friend now. Dont you feel bad for what your doing??
Sarah: What she wont know wont hurt her Yousif. You know how I feel towards you.. What we had.I never forgot it..
Yousif: Wala inach wa7da ma testa7yeen 3ala wayhech oo ana bacher bakalem Naylah oo bagoolha kil shay. I was drunk. get over it..
Sarah: (Laughing)Like she'll ever believe you. Your words against mine.

With that she shut the phone, forgetting why she called in the first place. She felt a pang of guilt for doing that to her best friend. But she couldn't resist him. The night they spent together was unforgettable. Naylah would surely understand. She always does, she reassured herself.
He's a keeper, she thought. She was going to do everything in her willpower to get him.
She quickly sent him a message..
Yousif I'm sorry for the things I said- I just don't want to hurt Naylah in this. She never has to know. And i wont say a thing. So do the right thing. Telling her will only make things worse. I know it. Let's go for a drink tomorrow. We'll talk..What do you say?

She waited and waited for a response. To her utter disappointment. She didn't get a response.
However, she didn't care. When she wanted something she got it. She never settled for less.
If at first you don't succeed, she told herself, then try try again.

07:00 am

Naylah woke up, feeling better. She needed to be strong now, she wasn't about to play the victim now. It was time for her to confront Sarah, then Yousif of course. She was going to be her strong, confident self. She promised herself that she wasn't going to break down again.
Nothing was worth it, she thought to herself. She switched on her cell phone. Surprised to see how many messages she got.

Her phone was beeping.
6 messages:
10 missed call notifications from Sarah.
5 missed call notifications from Yousif.
3 missed call notifications from the dorms.
2 missed call notifications from Salem.
1 messages from Salem:

naylah, sugar, please dont be upset. Tried calling you a few times, your phone was shut. I hope you're feeling better. Sorry I had to be the bearer of bad news. Umwa7. Call me when you can. Salem.

She smiled. Salem can be so sweet.

The last message was from Yousif.

7obi, laish ma kalamteenay? wala ga3ed a7ateech. I barely slept last night, waiting for you. Everything okay? I need to talk to you. Its quite urgent. Can I see you sometime today? bayeech wherever you are. I'm ditching uni today, going to sleep now..Atrayech 7abeebtay :****

She deleted the text, got out of bed, and drew the curtains. She opened the windows, and blinds. She breathed in the fresh air, and closed her eyes. She felt like she was breathing again. Yesterday was the worst day of her life. She was determined to get answers today.

Something has to be done.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” (Reinhold Niebuhr, year unknown)


  1. wow betrayal's a B$%ch :S cant wait to read the next but please dont take so long!

    I'd sooo beat that sarah up if she did that to my friend!!!

  2. SHOCKED!!!
    what the hell, how could she be her best friend and not tell her, even if it was a one night beyond shocked!!
    I know salim was doing a good thing but I thik he had ulterior motives....I like her, she is nice she doesnt deserve this :(

    amazing post babe ;**

  3. OMG girls can be such two faced bitches. how can she do something like that and still be normal around her

    and why do guys always think with their packages???

  4. Miss thang: yes betrayel is something inevitable..inshallah i wont be long..sorry been a lazy blogger!!:/

    Love: Thank you glad you enjoyed.. i love the fact that you're realting to the characters and feeling for them:D:D

    3anooda: hehe ee walah girls (SUM GIRLS) THINK WITH THEIR VAG-YAY'S only:P heeheh its not guys bas:P